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Multi Function Steering Wheel Retrofit

Step 1: Check if your vehicle’s steering wheel control module supports the Multi Function Steering Wheel (MFSW) system. All Audi A3 8P and Audi S3 8P models with DIS (Driver Information System) already have MIDLINE module fitted, but you need a HIGHLINE module. Use VCDS to find out. Recommended OEM part for Audi A3 S3 8P is 8P0953549F. Yo can start searching HERE.

Step 2: Check your Steering Wheel. There are many types. See picture. They look the same but they are not. The airbag don't fit. The screws don't fit. Don't do the same mistake like I did. It is cheaper if you buy only the Steering Wheel, without airbag, but be aware. Search for Audi A3 S3 8P steering wheel, not for A4 or A6 or Q3. There are small chances to find a steering wheel that fits with yours airbag. It's better if you buy entire steering wheel with airbag and airbag wiring harness. OEM parts: 
4 Spoke: 8R0419091B, 8R0419091S;
4 Spoke with padels: 8P0419091EF, 8P0419091ES;
3 Spoke: 8P0419091DQ, 8R0419091F, 8P0419091DT, 8P0419091EM, 8P0419091DM;
3 Spoke with padels: 8P0419091DR, 8R0419091G, 8P0419091EB, 8P0419091EH;

Step 3: Check your airbag wiring harness. Now, you have Type 1 (8P0971589R), and you need Type 2 (8P0971589Q, 8P0971589ADQ). If you are a handyman, can build yourself the Type 2 harness. You need Type 2 because of the black connector. I made another post called Audi A3 8P Airbag Cable for MFSW. Look for it!

Step 4: Check your Sleep Ring. you need at least 8 pin for MFSW. 4 pin for airbag (golden pin), 4 pin for horn and MFSW (silver pin).
OEM part for Audi A3 8P and Audi S3 8P:
4Doors: 1K0959653D, 1K0959653A;
2Doors: 1K0959653, 1K0959653C;

Step 5: If you have it all, you can start.
1. Start with unscrewing the 2 torx in the back of the wheel with torx T25 bits. You have to turn the wheel to be able to reach the screws.When this is done the airbag is now loose;
2. Disconect the battery;
3. Unplug the yellow-orange airbag cable;
4. Unscrew the center bolt using M12;
5. Make a mark on the center steering thing to indicate center of the wheel, than remove steering wheel;
6. Remove the bottom cowelling, to do this you need to remove the adjuster handle underneath (2 x T25 screw) and the other T25 screw that you will see. The top of the Cowell hinges up like a car bonnet so you can gain access to the two front T25 screws (do not disturb slip ring position);
7. At bottom of the slip ring is a T9 screw, remove it.
8. Removing ECU: Between the main black plug and the small other plug there is a plastic latch. Using one hand gently pulling the ecu down, use a finger to find the latch and push it. The first clip is directly above the black connector. You push it in and the back of the steering ECU will drop down.
9. There is another latch to be released from the front. You can use a 3 mm screw driver to push left in the hole which should release the second clip. The ecu should pull downwards off the rack.
10. Remove the 2 connectors at the back of ECU, to do this the main (big black one) one has a plastic clip that's red and with a flat blade is pulled out which allows you then to push a another clip behind down and pull the black plug out. The other connector is a spring loaded clip, push it away from the ecu and the plug will come out. 
11. If you need to change the slip ring, unclip the 2 clips holding it in place and it will pull off.
12. Reverse above, using the new Steering Wheel control module, new Multi Function Steering Wheel and the new airbag wiring harness.
13. ESP error and TPMS error messages will appear when restart the car. This will disappear by turning the steering wheel to right and left.


1. 16-Steering wheel
2. Coding - 07
3. 0xx?xxx: Steering Wheel

0 = Steering Wheel without MultiFunction
1 = 3-Spoke Steering Wheel without MultiFunction
2 = 3/4-Spoke Steering Wheel with MultiFunction without Cruise & Voice Control
3 = 3/4-Spoke Steering Wheel with MultiFunction with Cruise & Voice Control

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