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Door Panel Removal

DIY. How to remove driver door panel trim on Audi A3 8P 2004-2012. OEM number is 8P4867105VL. No matter if you do it for cleaning, replacing or upgrading, you can disassemble it in 10 minutes in your own backyard. No matter if it is Left Hand Drive or Right Hand Drive. All you need is a pry tool, a small screwdriver, torx T25 and T20. If you don't have a pry tool, you can make one using a screwdriver wrapped in power tape. I made it from a steel bar wrapped in power tape.  You need a pry tool because you do not want to scratch the paint. I was bored, so I removed the door panel for cleaning and for future doors lights upgrades.

1. No need to disconnect the battery. Gently, pull out the locking buttons cover, using a screwdriver.
2. There are 3 screws. Use a T25 to take them out. One is behind the buttons cover, one is under the door handle and one is at the bottom of the door.
3.There are 6 plastic clips. Gently, pull out the door panel, poping out the 6 clips, one after another, along the edge. Ones they are free, pull up the door card and undo the connections on the rear of the door card.
4. Remove the pull handle hook and the wiring loom to the door card.
5. Remove the door card from the vehicle, completely.
6. Now, you can remove all the parts on the door panel. Use a torx T20 and screwdriver to do that.
7. You can wash the door panel with soap and cold water, than let it to dry. It will be like new one.

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