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DIS Retrofit

DIS (Driver Information System) Audi A3 8P or Audi S3 8P offers the following functionalities: Door and luggage compartment open warning; auto check control; radio station name or frequency; outside temperature display, including ice warning; speed warning function; on-board computer; automatic gearbox selector lever settings; telephone numbers and names from the telephone book; navigation directions.

Step 1. First thing to note is cars before the facelift, Audi A3 8P pre 2011/04 generally had the older fuel pump and also possibly missed some wiring that was added to facelift cars, so check for this wire on rear of current cluster (DIS), before thinking wiring needed. When removing the cluster (DIS) and then reconnecting, you will get some warnings showing up, now as long as its the same cluster (DIS) inserted these warnings will disappear when driving again. The newer pumps from April 2011 had an extra wire added for the fuel sender/level to register properly on the clusters (DIS). So, for older car, you must add a single wire from the cluster (DIS) to the underneath of the rear seats, to the fuel pump.

Step 2. For petrol engines. Check the connection between the cluster(DIS) 32 pin connector at pin 25, to the fuel pump control unit 10 pin connector at pin 8. Blue/White wire.
Step 3. For diesel engines. Check the connection between the cluster(DIS) 32 pin connector at pin 25, to the fuel pump control unit 5 pin connector at pin 4. Blue/White wire.
Step 4. Upgrade the pump on pre 2011/04 cars to support the newer sender/level reading for fuel in the cluster(DIS).
Step 5. Swap the cluster out and get it coded with all your keys. If its a new cluster or less than 100km then audi can set it all correctly for your existing mileage, if its more then 100km you'd have to put up with the used cluster(DIS) mileage. Make sure to take all keys with you to the dealer, along with the full car docs including ID of the registered cars owner. 

Step 6. Next step should be done by you because the Audi master tech don't has the security access code for adaptation. When you add the cluster (DIS), one thing that was showing were lights up for braking systems. Plug in VCDS:
Go into 17-Instruments, then Security Access to which vcds prompt you to enter a certain code that is displayed (may be 13861=Adaptation Enabling), Do it, select Adaptation Channel 37 (Special Function II) and set the proper Brake System installed, Save, Done, Go Back.

Step 7. Also to get Advanced Comfort Menu Active, get in DIS for pdc, lights, tire pressure monitoring system etc, you may have to adjust the cluster coding in 17-Instruments, then Security Access, Do it, select Adaptation Channel 82 (Comfort Menu) and set the new value to 2, Save, Done, Go Back.

Step 8. Then go to 09-Central Electrics, choose Coding, Long Coding Helper, byte 9, tick Bit 6 for Driver Information System (DIS) installed, Exit and Save. Cars with red DIS from 2006/07 have some of the functionality of this new DIS, like advanced comfort menus for PDC, Lights, but in long coding helper go to byte 23 and tick bit 1. You can start searching from HERE.

I attached 4 more pictures from 17-Instruments, maybe they can help you.

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