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Cruise Control Stalk

I didn't bought the right type of cruise control stalk. Didn't find it. I bought the other type. That is why I transformed it, from the old Cruise Control Stalk Type 1 in the new Cruise Control Stalk Type 2. I used the old signal turn stalk. I switched one inside piece, the white one in the video. It is a 10 minutes job. So, if you don't find the right part for your Audi A3 8P, or if the part you need is too expensive, you can buy the other Cruise Control Stalk type and replace the inside piece from the original one.

The stalks are the same, the only difference between them is the sticker. It does not matter if you switch the stalks between them. The only piece you need to replace between them is the small white plastic piece. After you do this, you can sale the part you don't need. You need a T8 torx screwdriver. Watch the video, and if you liked it, subscribe for more videos.

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