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Rear View Reverse Camera

Like an air bag to a seat belt, a rear-view camera system isn't a replacement for your vehicle's mirrors, it's a complement — a powerful tool for driving safely and parallel parking like a pro. And even if you consider yourself a pro, everybody has their bad days, and a rear-view system cuts down on the risk of a fender-bender (or worse). A backup camera won't do you much good without a screen to plug it into, and what you'll need in a rear-view system will depend on what's already in your dash. If you have an aftermarket touchscreen receiver with a rear-view video input, you're in great shape to shop for rear-view cameras..


I chose the cheapest 170° reverse camera on the market, 15 Euro. It is important to see behind the car and to be wide angle, no matter if is full hd or just hd. Choose the right one for you. You need a conduit rodder, power tape, torx T20 and T25, and 2 hours. Pop the trunk and remove the number plate. Remove the trunk lid liner by first removing 2 screws using T25 and take care of the plastic bits that hold it in place, then pull to release them. You have to remove the entire cover. Remove the four nuts that hold the trunk handle in place, then pull out the handle and install the camera in its place. Run the wire for the camera through the trunk's extension arm and through the car, tucking it inside of the sill plates to hide it. Remove the stereo and connect the yellow VIDEO IN plug and the red wire to REAR CAMERA wire. Put back the head unit an test it.
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