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Rear Brakes Replacement

The brakes are not something that you can afford to skimp on, because when the worst happens you need to know that they are going to stop the car quickly and safely. Vehicle manufacturers choose their preferred type of stock brake pads based on a number of reasons including noise, dust, stopping ability and wear. The ideal combination of these aspects is obviously low noise and dust, good stopping power and long pad life. That is why I trust german engineers from Audi, and their OEM brakes.

1. You need to know the size of the disc. The list of PR codes are printed on a sticker that can be found in the spare tire well of the vehicle (trunk) or pasted into the vehicle's owner's manual. These codes denote the factory installed options for the vehicle. In my case, the PR code for rear discs is 1KD, and for front discs is 1ZF. Take a look at your calipers for producers name. I found TRW for rear brakes and ATE for front brakes. I searched on google for "brake disc 1KD". Found lots of discs, lots of producers, one size 253mm, but only one is produced by TRW and distributed by VW AG.

Found 1K0615601AB for rear discs and JZW615301A for front discs. German engineers decided, that is the best choice for my car. Do the same search for brake pads. Found 1K0698451J for rear and 1K0698151F for front.
2. You need a caliper rewind tool, a 13 mm ring spanner and 15mm open spanner. I bought the caliper rewind tool from ebay, spent $10.
3. Open the brake fluid reservoir cap, because, when you push back the piston inside caliper, you push back the brake fluid in the brake fluid reservoir.

 4. Block the other wheels, use first gear. Do not pull the hand-brake.
5. Take off the wheel and replace brake disc and brake pads.
6. Do not forget to clean the iron parts before fiting the caliper.
7. Put back the wheel;
8. Push and pull for a few times the hand-brake, until it will lock the wheels.
9. Push the brake pedal for a few times, until it will be hard;
10 Start the engine and push again the brake pedal for a few times;
11. Put back the brake fluid reservoir cup;
12. Test the brakes.


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