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Android DVD GPS Navigation Head Unit

If you are looking for a fully featured car DVD to replace your vehicles' OEM radio while still retain the original look of your vehicles' interior, then this is your best choice. There are many models with less or more Ram or Rom, with or without buttons, with or without DVD, with more or less cores, but I will show you how I installed this one. It is a 2DIN octacore 2GbRam 32GbRom. It is plug&play, and is fully connected to the car options. Because of the shape, the rounded top corners, it fits only for Audi A3 8P, Audi S3 8P, Audi TT. The ones without rounded corners fits for Audi A4,A5,A5 and others, the only difference will be the rounded corners.


First, you need a 2DIN cage for this android head unit. I bought it online, and it was delivered in a few days. You can find it online from different producers but all of them are made in the same factory in Shenzen China, this one is Bosion. It can be bought from ebay, amazon, olx, wish, aliexpress, xtrons or others. In the box you will find the head unit, all the harnesses needed, 4 rings for mount/unmount, gps and wifi antennas, can-bus decoder and maybe rear view camera. The harnesses are for all possible situations, no matter if you have Bose or non-Bose, Audi Symfony or Audi Concert, 3 or 5 doors, 2004-2012. I bought it without rear view camera, because I wanted to choose another one. Don't forget to remove the 2 screws from the head unit. Watch the video in full screen mode.


My car is Audi A3 8P, 2011, facelift, 5 doors, Audi Concert 2 (8P0035186AB), without Bose, speakers on every door and subwoofer in the trunk, multi function steering wheel, Aux In plug, no bluetooth, no SDS, no parking sensors, with automatic lights.
1. Remove any disk from head unit and...... do not loose security code, you may want to sell the old stereo;
2. Remove the old head unit using the 4 rings, remove the antenna plug and than remove the main black plug;
3. Remove the 4 rings from the head unit.

4. The main black plug is containing 4 small plugs: 12 pins blue plug, 12 pins green plug, 8 pins brown plug, 8 pins black plug;
-The 12 pins blue plug has 3 wires for Aux IN plug under the hand brake (AUX-R, AUX-L, AUX);
-The 12 pins green plug has 3 wires for Audio Line Out for rear speakers and subwoofer(LINERR,LINERL, LINE);
-The 8 pins brown plug has 4 wires for front speakers (LF+, LF-, RF+, RF-);
-The 8 pins black plug has 6 wires for subwoofer power (DSPEIN), can-bus (CAN/L, CAN/H) and head unit power (+UB, DISENS,GROUND);

The antena has 2 plugs, one for FM and one for AM.
You can use Androids box to store the old stereo.

5. Connect all harnesses and wires to the android navigation head unit;
6. Secure and protect all free wires using power tape. The free wires are used for old cars without CAN protocol. For old cars, you do not need CAN-BUS Decoder, and need to connect wires like KEY GND and KEY 1 to contact etc. So you do not need them for Audi A3 8P.
7. My antenna adapter does not fit to the car plugs, so, in the video you will see I connect only one plug at 6:05. Later I bought a new adapter for antenna, that it fits. It is called Fakra Antenna Adapter. Now, the radio works perfect.
8. Connect rear speakers and subwoofer but take care, because I FOUND AN ERROR!!! Go to minute 1:39. Small 12 pins green plug has 3 wires for rear speakers and subwoofer (read the big label on the original head unit). Now, go to 3:20, and see 2 x audio plugs labeled AUX FR IN and AUX FL IN. They are WRONG LABELED! They should be labeled as AUX RR IN and AUX RL IN and they are connected to those 3 wires in minute 1:39. So, if you want subwoofer and rear speakers to work, connect this 2 plugs labeled as AUX FR IN and AUX FL IN, to those 2 plugs coming from android head unit labeled as RCA RR and RCA RL, in minute 3:48. Rear speakers and subwoofer will work but lower level than front speakers, that is why it is required to balance and fader the sound from the Equalizer Menu. My android navigation has a good sound, same like old Audi Concert, all speakers and subwoofer are working.

9. You can hide GPS antenna under dash. It is not required to take it out. First time it will take a few minutes to learn sattelites map, than will receive sattelites signals preety fast.
10. Connect USB connectors and put them in an accesible place. I used one for front dash DVR camera, and one for 4G dongle.
11. Connect the CAN-BUS Decoder to the white plug. You can not miss it.
13. Connect the main black plug.
14. Now, it should work. PLUG&PLAY
15. Test it! Check audio, rear speakers and subwoofer, radio reception, lights, buttons, USB ports, AUX IN, WIFI (make hotspot from your mobile), etc
16. Insert the Android Unit in the dash.
17. Watch my video review for more informations. Hope it helps!

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