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Airbag Emblem Logo Replace

If you read this, you are thinking of replacing your airbag cover on your steering wheel because of a little scratch. I searched on google any infos about repairing or replacing the emblem, but nothing came out. So, I did it myself. It is easy if you have tools. You need a 8mm drill, a plier, a soldering iron, a pop rivet gun and 10 new pop rivets (5mm).
It is a 30 minutes job.

Removing Audi Airbag from steering wheel. See HERE

1. You need to cut the 10 pop rivets using the drill and plier;
2. Gently remove the airbag cover;
3. Remove the 26 plastic rivets from the Audi Airbag Logo Emblem. Use a cutter or plier;
4. Replace the Audi Airbag Logo Emblem with new one. Search HERE
5. Or paint the old Audi Airbag Logo Emblem;
6. Or buy new Audi Airbag Cover. Search HERE

7. Using a soldering iron, solder the 26 plastic rivets of the Audi Emblem Logo on the back of the Audi Airbag Cover;
8. Put back the Audi Airbag Cover;
9. Assembly the Audi Airbag using the Pop Rivet Gun and 10 new pop rivets.


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